The Chairman

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In this chapter we discuss mental illness, and its links with creativity, success and power. We consider self delusion and how it can be immensely useful. We discuss some New Age nonsense, how I fell for it, its potential harmfulness, but also why it contributed to the happiest time of my life.

We touch on how super-cool the original Aeon Flux animated series was. I reveal myself as a closet dictator, and reveal the terrible secret of the idea orphans I keep locked in my basement. There’s a reasonably amusing but spurious Hemingway reference.
We also discover what a chorus really is.


I am the chairman, I am the head.
There’s no unsaying what I have said.
Kingdoms of wisdom, fragmenting fast.
Things I envision all come to pass.
Leader! Leader! Show us! Show us!
I deal in hard facts, lines in the sand.
Something you would not understand.
I do what’s needed, I have no shame.
In my position you’d do the same.
Leader! Leader! Fool us! Fool us!
I am exalted I am the great
I am the process I am the state
I am the chairman and I insist
you are the reason that I exist.
Leader! Leader! Doom us! Doom us!