Winston Churchill

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In this chapter we skip lightly over the war between fascism and the free world, and then dig into the main topic, the war between synths and samplers. We discuss my 20 year love affair with snare drum sounds.

Also featured are some tips on how to rap in a plummy British accent, and how to create your own flanger using just a pavement and an aeroplane.

And the titillatingly inflammatory Mike Trollfield puts in his first guest appearance… to discuss leadership and heroes, and blames our current incompetent crop of leaders and nonexistent heroes on you, yes YOU out there on the internet.


Winston Winston Churchill in the party, 
coming on strong now, knocking down Nazis.
Winston Spencer Churchill takes the floor, 
V for victory in the Second World War!

Winston Churchill taking the stage, 
statesman poet of the turbulent age.
Winnie’s on the mic and he’s busting out speeches, 
fight them on the hills and fight them on the beaches.
Winston Churchill’s on lyrical form, 
warning the people of the gathering storm.
The fascists are back, and it’s not over yet, 
so tune in to Churchill on your wireless set.

Czechoslovakia, Poland then France,
Who’s going to stop the German advance?
Europe lies crushed by the boots of the Reich,
Britain’s left standing so on we fight.
Stand up to corrupt and evil regimes,
smashing all the National Socialist dreams,
We’ll never bow down to the fascist agenda,
we’ll never give in and we’ll never surrender!

London lies dark under the bombs of the blitz.
Lights out, head down, watch out for Fritz.
Under weapons of colossal and shattering power,
history will say this was our finest hour.
Doodlebug, V2, rain of fire,
Conflagration of the world entire,
for all mankind the situation looks dire, 
but Winston’s got the rhymes to uplift and inspire!

Chomping on the Cubans sipping down the brandy,
Watch the big old bulldog Winston getting handy,
Shooting down Stukas from out of the skies
Winnie tells it straight whilst Adolf spouts lies.
Big up the Russians and their perishing winter,
Shout out to Turing, cracking Enigma.
Watch out Jerry, the Yanks have joined the fray,
The motherfucking Fuhrer’s not going to get his way!

Winston Winston Churchill in the party, coming on strong now smashing down Nazis
Winston Spencer Churchill takes the floor, V for victory in the Second World War!